Co-Shoring | Coadria

Co-Shoring: The smarter way to off-shore.

This is your off-shore center with an unlimited supply of highly talented, cost-effective developers -- without any of the difficult, time consuming parts.
Plus, look at the view.

We are a shared, collaborative development center that enables small and mid-sized companies to quickly spin-up their own dedicated off-shore teams.

We provide a complete turn-key solution, from recruitment and bookkeeping to office space, work stations and high-speed internet. You simply select a team to fit your business needs and then start enjoying all the benefits of having your very own off-shore center. No hassle, headaches, high-costs or risk.

We are an American company that understands real market pressures and business challenges.

  • Difficulty Finding Talent
    Finding and keeping the best talent is getting increasingly difficult
  • Traditional off-shore doesn’t work
    The headaches and failures of standard offshore solutions is well known
  • Continual Push to Reduce Costs
    Customers and management are demanding lower costs but more output
  • Challenge to Stay Competitive
    Off-shore competitors are pushing into every corner of the market

This is your off-shore center with a corner-office view.