Co-Shoring Difference | Coadria

What is Co-Shoring? 

We provide the benefits of off-shoring without the hassles. You enjoy cost savings, expanded hours and faster turnaround, with the ability to hand-pick a team focused on your business needs.

Build your team, your way.

Control every aspect of your business just like you do at home: Hire, train and manage a complete extension to your US-based team.

Only pay for what you need.

Build the perfect team that will focus exclusively on your business needs and requirements.

Keep the know-how.

With a dedicated team fully focused on your business, your time and money is invested in people committed to your business.

Co-shoring is a completely new and different way to off-shore: A shared set of facilities, services and growing body of knowledge helps you avoid the headaches and focus on the good stuff.