Coadria is becoming iOLAP

We want to respond to the  emerging need of European countries  and offer them our services, expertise and support. Since iOLAP is already a renowned brand in the world of technology in the US, the most logical thing to do was to name the Croatian subsidiary the same way.

‘We realized that our brand Coadria doesn't adequately reflect the value we can deliver and decided that Coadria is becoming iOLAP! We have unified our strengths and became a global brand. This will enable us to offer equal services to all countries and it will accurately reflect on the 20-year tradition of iOLAP and all the exceptional solutions behind it.' – says Chris Jordan, CEO of iOLAP.

We have a  wide range of services  to offer – from Data Analytics and Machine Learning to Application Development and Application Managed Service. Our in-house  startup  called Enterprise Voice builds upon the growing popularity in the business world to utilize voice assistants in order to obtain valuable information in real-time, drastically enhancing the decision-making process. We take pride on having a cross-industry client  portfolio including Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. We have long-year expertise with leading global vendors such as Amazon Web Services, IBM and Microsoft, with whom we maintain successful partnerships.

A new visual identity of iOLAP are the colors  blue and white  – the same as Rijeka’s. We are proud of these colors and want to maintain the  international culture  within this small European city.

Blue as the sea,  full of opportunities,  and white as the mountains  ascending to new heights.

You can read all new content and company-related news on our  global website All social networking channels are for now still active but mostly serve to redirect the visitors to the  global social media profiles – iOLAP Inc.  The Coadria website will remain accessible for a certain period.